Monday, April 19, 2010

What's for Dinner

Tonight my mom has a friend coming to dinner. I love trying to come up with a meal using only what I've got in the fridge. Waste not, want not. It's Monday and this task is not so tough as we just went to the market on Saturday and have still got quite a bit of yummy food to nosh our way through. Talk to me in three or four days and see if I can still come up with something given the little I've got left.

I've decided to make tarragon roast chicken with braised baby beet greens. They are the most picture perfect little leaves. All green with dark red veins running through. I almost hate to cook them 'cause they are just so pretty. Because our chicken is on the small side, I'm gonna include a citrus risotto with goat cheese as well.

The cool thing is we've got everything we need right here in our little kitchen. Even cooler, we'll be using up a few things that have been hanging around a bit too long, like a couple of mineola tangerines, tarragon and a package of goat cheese.

So, that's the menu. Chris and I are gonna try to document the process in a little step by step photo shoot. Fingers crossed. If it turns out, we'll give posting it a whirl as well.

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