Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Lost

We left for the Cape a week ago yesterday. Our plan was to stay a couple of days to help Chris' family with some moving.

What happened? Why are we still here?

Well, I'm pretty sure we're lost.

The Cape can whisk you away without the least effort, leading you down paths you rarely allow yourself time to explore. You wind your way through days and sometimes weeks, stopping frequently for only the simplest pleasures. You are isolated in the most welcoming of ways. It is all encompassing and very hard to leave.

We have spent our days moving furniture and sifting through boxes of memories long forgotten in the attic. We raked innumerable piles of pine needles from the yard, built our first garden from scratch and spring cleaned the cottage. We have taken our time talking to friends, family and the occasional stranger about any and every topic imaginable. And, we have cooked and shared some wonderfully simple meals.

A warm salad of frisee, arugula, crisp bacon, roasted potatoes and a perfectly poached egg was a great late night bite. Linguine with oven roasted tomatoes, grilled fennel, tarragon cream sauce and seared scallops turned out quite yummy. Chris's perfectly grilled steak with a warm pasta salad hit the spot after a long day out in the yard. And, homemade pea soup warmed our bodies and souls on a particularly cold and blustery spring evening.

We were supposed to drive back today but, here we are pushing our stay one more day.

It is warm and rainy. The trees that were bare bones just a day or so ago have soft, new leaves. The air smells like summer, cut grass, wet pavement and marshy salt.

We've left the cottage to access the Internet in hopes that a little taste of 'the real world' will help us to find our way back, off the Cape.

Maybe tomorrow :)

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