Friday, May 14, 2010

Simple Stuff

Tonight I'm in charge of the salad. Salad is my absolute favorite. The greener the better I say!

I combined red and green leaf lettuce with the last of the watercress and some fresh celery leaves. I also added a little shaved fennel (shaved is the idea but sliced super thin is the actuality without my trusty mandolin), some fresh basil and pretty darn sweet grape tomatoes. Even without dressing, this bowl full of emerald leaves and such was tempting, but...

The dressing is the best part!

Chives are everywhere right now. There are lovely little bunches of dark green stalks topped with beautiful lavender colored pompoms out in my mom's garden. They tempt the bees all day long and today they lured me in. I cut a few handfuls knowing exactly what their fate would be, luscious sour cream and chive dressing.

It is so easy, so Spring and so yummy. Just chop up as many chives as you can. Add a little dijon mustard, some sour cream, a bit of red wine vinegar and some salt and pepper. You can adjust the thickness with a bit of half and half or even a little extra virgin olive oil. Mine comes out a little different every time but just as good. And, do not forget those purple blossoms. Taste them. They are the essence of chive! Sprinkle them on top of your salad or, really, anything you like. You will be a gourmet for the day.

It's just that simple.

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  1. funny, i had watercress in my salad tonight too! delicious