Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sushi and Fries

Chris and I haven’t had sushi since we left San Francisco. I will admit that although I enjoy it every once in a while, I rarely crave it and almost never search it out unless I’m really hungry.

In SF we would occasionally walk two blocks up the street to Osaka to grab a bite. The appeal there was always the service. The owners also work on the floor as servers and chefs. They are kind and welcoming to everyone, especially regular patrons. I think, more than the food, we were missing our old routine a bit, missing the bustle of our neighborhood restaurant and the warm smiles that greeted us there for so many years.

Knowing that the vibe here on the Cape is much different, we set out hungry with very few expectations. We decided to go to Mac’s Seafood on Wellfleet Harbor. We knew they had sushi because we had been once before and that was reason enough to check it out again.

The evening was cool, but absolutely beautiful. We parked the car, walked up to the patio and were greeted by a smiling host. We were dressed for the weather and decided we’d be warm enough outside at the bar. I love to dine outdoors and I’m much happier at the bar. Perfect!

As we seated ourselves the bartender greeted Chris by his first name. It turns out he is a friend from high school who Chris had not seen in years, Ethan. We chatted, ordered dirty vodka martinis, looked at the menu and began to relax.

The martinis were great. Ethan was engaging and helpful. The bar was buzzing but not crowded like it can be in full summer swing. We decided on a few pieces of raw fish, a tuna roll and grilled yellow tail collar (not sushi, but one of my favorite dishes). Finally we added a side of salty, thick cut fries to fill our empty bellies.

We sat talking with each other, taken care of by a familiar face, eating our sushi and French fries on Cape Cod. The air smelled of salt, sand and spring flowers. The music was classic rock that transported us back to being twenty-one and free. The food hit the spot.

Leaving the comfort of our well-established lives in California was a big decision. As we move forward here on the East coast, we know there will be times when we long for aspects of that life. It was so nice to discover that even at those times we might be able to slip into a new, but familiar, routine here that is just as satisfying.

If you haven’t had sushi and fries… I recommend it.

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