Monday, April 5, 2010


I realized today that the beginning of this chronicle is going to be a bit 'food' sparse as I'm just starting that learning process here in the East. Eventually, I want this blog to be more about food than me. I hope, as I put one foot in front of the next on this new/old coast, that my life will become wrapped up in all things edible and the amazing people who grow, breed, cook, sell and eat the best of what this environment has to offer.

I spent my day hanging out with my husband's family at their home in Cape Cod. It was great to catch up but I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. It's been over two months since I had a job. Chris has got freelance work to keep him busy and all I've got is my "research". Where are we going to live and work? Where could we hope to open our own small business in a couple of years? I spend hours online looking at real estate in different cities and checking out restaurants and the "food scene" in communities we are interested in.

I'm excited about the possibilities but I miss a routine. I miss making money and not feeling guilty about spending it. I miss learning and interacting on the fly. I miss having my own home and, most of all, my own kitchen. I do appreciate that this time of transition is necessary in the life change we have implemented. I know that soon I'll have a job and, probably, wish I had more time off. Hopefully, I'll have a little money too. I envision cooking in my own kitchen in a home that we own and, down the line, I see our own small cafe thriving in some warm, thoughtful community.

At the moment though, I'm feeling a bit impatient and discouraged. I'm eager for the next step in this endeavor and waiting for something to point me in the right direction.

Till tomorrow,

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