Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the Beginning

I'm just gonna start writing... I've been thinking about this blog for quite a while. I haven't got a profile nor do I have a grand idea about what this whole thing might entail, but I'm gonna start right here.
Today was beautiful. The birds are chirping, there are crocus and daffodils popping up in every random spot. It is my first Spring on the East Coast in ten years. Everything I took for granted growing up here is now a gift.
We've been delayed... My husband and I were scheduled to head to the Cape today to join his family for Easter but he had to work. I spent my day cleaning my mothers house and our car, doing laundry, running errands and attending to our dog Oscar. I have been putting together "dinner" (not so traditional, just a home made bite and an excuse to touch base with each other for a few minutes) for Chris for the last hour. He's been computing for two days straight. No time for a fancy meal. I'll use what I've got.
In the refrigerator there is exactly one eggplant, a bag of carrots, a small head of broccoli and some fresh herbs that need to be eaten before we depart for Cape Cod tomorrow. This is my favorite thing to do. I feel so thrifty using up the last of the last in the fridge. It takes a minute, but I decide on a roasted vegetable salad. I take my time, browning the eggplant while the oven gets hot enough to roast the carrots. My idea is to get all the veg cooked, toss them with a vinaigrette and finish with mint and parsley. Along the way I decide to add some chopped castelvetrano olives into the mix too.
All this brings me to... my first blog entry. The salad turned out yummy. I'm biased, I know. But, that's the thing about cooking. You put all this time and energy, or maybe just a little time and energy, and then something actually works out. It makes my day. It inspires me and gives me courage to try something a bit more intimidating. Like writing.
So, for now, this is it. I wanted an informal beginning to what I hope will be an incentive to put my random thoughts into words. Now that I've got this down, I have to continue. Wish me luck and let me know what you think every once in a while.


  1. Congrats on your first blog entry, Hun! I for one freaked out with uncontrollable stomach growls as soon as I came downstairs from "computing" and got a look at that masterfully composed medley of fresh leftovers... which I of course devoured.

    Good stuff. Keep it coming. Um... the writing (and food!).

  2. J'aime! Congrats on your first blog! I LOVE the porthole into that beautiful mind of yours, and plus, it's just plain good writin'! (And you know I say that lightly!) Keep it coming, and don't be afraid to continue to really put yourself into your writing. It's scary to expose yourself, but it's a shame to hide J'aime from the world (even from a world of 4!). Congrats, can't wait to read more! xxx